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Concrete + Crystals

Large selenite sticks

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Selenite is known as "liquid light" for its ability to powerfully direct and transmute light energies. It is one of the few crystals that never needs to be cleansed- as selenite absorbs negative energies, it will simply erode away (though this process may take years or decades depending on how you treat your crystals).

Never expose selenite to water as this will accelerate the process significantly.

These pieces are quite rough, and may shed small particles during transport and use. These particles are non-toxic and not harmful - similar to mica, you may consider it the selenite simply blessing your space and spreading its energies ☺️

Available in full-size - 9-10" long - and one broke during transport to me, so I have two in half-size, 4.5" long. All have the same incredible selenite energy!

Any lightworker or healer needs this in their toolbox. Some also use selenite in areas of the house where negative energy condenses to disperse it - as a feng shui cure. There are so many great uses for selenite!