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Kundalini citrine | natural untreated citrine crystal

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Incredible natural citrine crystal from Lwena, Congo. Citrine is THE crystal for abundance, money, manifestation and wealth. Kundalini citrine is an absolutely pristine example of citrine with a unique formation - they frequently grow with in a cluster with one larger crystal surrounded by smaller crystals.

Natural citrine is the ultimate manifestation stone. These specimens have gorgeous phantoms and rainbows that help align your will with that of your Highest Self. Citrine also helps clear energetic blocks and open your manifestation currents to the Universe.

Citrine is strongly associated with the first 3 chakras, especially the 2nd and 3rd chakras, and helps bring your courage and alignment of will.

Individually sold items:

KC22 - 76g
KC24 - 65g
KC26 - 55g
KC27 - 55g
KC29 - 47g
KC30 - 47g
KC32 - 46g
KC33 - 41g
KC34 - 41g
KC35 - 41g
KC36 - 38g
KC38 - 36g
KC39 - 35g
KC42 - 32g
KC44 - 27g

Medium and Small are sold by size/weight, and are intuitively chosen.

Medium are 15-20g
Small are 10-15g

Last photo shows some representative Medium and Smalls (Medium and Small are intuitively chosen, not guaranteed to be identical to the photos)