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Lavender Fluorite Palm Stone

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Gorgeous lavender fluorite palm stones. This material is frequently sold as "Yttrium fluorite" due to trace amounts of yttrium present in it. However, the levels of yttrium in this material are technically not high enough for it to be true yttrium fluorite; therefore, I call it yttrium-bearing fluorite. (This goes for any of this material, which has been fairly available for the last year or so. None of it is truly yttrium fluorite though it does all bear some yttrium. Nevertheless, it is an incredible material with amazing calming and spiritual vibes.

These palm stones vary in size from 77 grams up to 174 grams. The cut on some of these stones is not as refined as you may find out in the market, but I do not believe that detracts from them at all, as cutting and polishing causes loss of material, so you are getting more than you would if they had been cut and polished more.

I have 7 of these stones available:

FP1 - 174g
FP3 - 119g
FP4 - 116g
FP5 - 110g
FP6 - 95g
FP7 - 77g
FP8 - 77g