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Concrete + Crystals

Moisturizing body butter bar solid moisturizer ZERO WASTE!

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Contains one body butter bar of specified size. Comes in a reusable cotton pouch wrapped in muslin fabric - completely plastic free packaging! Sustainable - Earth friendly - unbranded.

Options: Unscented or scented, small or large size

Here’s the backstory: When I started working with concrete, I quickly realized that while it's completely nontoxic, the cement has a way of getting into your skin and absolutely desiccating it. My skin was just wrecked after a day of working with concrete, and normal lotions are ... meh. They leave your hands feeling like they need to be washed again, and most lotion is packaged in single use plastics... yuck.

To make things worse, as the long COVID winter set in, between dry air, constant hbd washing, and the drying out effect of the cement... I know I'm not the only one who really struggled with keeping the skin on my hands intact and happy.

Thankfully, I discovered the concept of a solid moisturizer bar this spring, and instantly fell in love. I ordered one online and absolutely adored it, but then, researching how they were made, I wanted to try to DIY! It turned out to be simple (not easy - but simple) to make, and I dove in headfirst, and here we are.

These are the result: solid moisturizer, plastic-free, sustainable and reusable packaging, nourishing and protective for your skin on all parts of your body, but especially hands, elbows, feet, and knees - anywhere that's dry and flaky.

To use: just rub the bar on your skin! The body heat will melt just enough of the moisturizer to transfer to your skin. If you're really dry, you can make several passes, but usually just one or two is enough. For me, it doesn't even really need to get rubbed in - it just looks and feels great immediately.

Scented is gently scented with calming organic essential oils (lavender, clary sage, tangerine, vetiver, ylang ylang and blue tansy).

Unscented is free of EOs, but does have a gentle honey scent due to the beeswax.