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Concrete + Crystals

Rough emerald crystal - semi-tumbled

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Gorgeous rough natural emerald in matrix. Semi-tumbled (smooth) form factor but not polished. 

These are on the big side for tumbled stones, up to 2" in the longest dimension, and have clearly defined emerald crystals within them. The matrix is a crystalline limestone with graphite, so be careful with these as they may leave marks on delicate items. The crystals themselves do not have high clarity, which is expected at this price point - emeralds of this size with high clarity would cost thousands.

Emerald is known for its influence on inspiration, balance, wisdom, and prosperity. I am also getting a sense of "living up to your potential" with this material - your spirit team is behind you and has high hopes for you, and emerald will help you live up to those expectations. Big ancestor energy, for sure.