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Spirit quartz | amethyst with citrine | cactus quartz

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Spirit quartz clusters and points from South Africa. Spirit quartz is uniquely found in a single locality in South Africa. It is a unique growth of quartz crystals on top of quartz crystals, and usually shares color of clear quartz, citrine, and amethyst. It is 100% natural and comes out of the earth in this form - not heat treated or altered in any way.

Spirit Quartz is a crown chakra activator and powerful activator of psychic energy. It helps assure that your soul is on its destined path, and aligns and attracts to you what is destined for you.


SQ1 - 54g, has the darkest iron color of them all

SQ2 - 48g

SQ3 - 47g

SQ4 - 47g

SQ5 - 46g

SQ6 - 46g

SQ7 - 42g

SQ8 - 42g

SQ9 - 39g

SQ10 - 38g