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Concrete + Crystals

Green Tourmaline

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Natural green tourmaline crystals.

Green tourmaline is very similar energetically to black tourmaline, as an incredible grounding and protective material, but it has the addition of green energy, making it vibrate with abundance, joy, heart chakra, and money energy. 

This green tourmaline is very dark and only shows green up against the light. It is very shiny although it is not polished - the natural crystals are that color & luster. 

2 grades of material here - options 1 and 2 have very well-formed and nearly perfect crystals and so are a higher price per g. Options 3 and 4 are very nice, but lack the pure shiny crystal terminations that 1 and 2 have. All 4 have gorgeous color and are beautiful. 


1 - 30g

2 - 27g

3 - 24g

4 - 20g