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Concrete + Crystals

Pink Amethyst slab

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These gorgeous pink amethyst slabs have a gorgeous pink color, and are fully polished on the top and bottom, and partially polished along the edges.

They would make an incredible statement piece to use on any altar, for placing other crystals or spheres on for charging, spellwork, or any metaphysical practice.

The energy that this stone gives off is so soft and soothing, it is such a heart healer and an incredible companion.

Pink amethyst is a newer stone, and it is a trade name, not just a name for amethyst that happens to be pink, but something distinct, though definitely energetically very closely related to amethyst. It is a quartz variety, also known as pink jasper. This is an incredibly soft, nurturing stone, perfect for healing a broken heart or for opening yourself up to love again after heartbreak. This stone will add an amazing energy to your living room or bedroom, and is definitely sure to become a conversation starter! 

Two options: 

- Light pink, gorgeous druzy sugar crystals all around the edges - $111

- Deeper pink, almost mauve with hematite deposits - $99