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Pink tourmaline | pink tourmaline in quartz

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Pink tourmaline with quartz or pink tourmaline in quartz, rough crystal. Pink tourmaline is a quintessential heart healing stone, and works extremely well with other pink stones like rose quartz, morganite, kunzite, rhodonite, and rhodochrosite. It helps the carrier or wearer with stress, anxiety and depression, and can help people dealing with emontional numbness find their passion for life once more. This pink tourmaline comes either in quartz, which is its usual form when found in the rough, or on its own, some with a bit of quartz, some alone.

I have around a kg of this material but as all rough, it is in a wide array of sizes and grades. For simplicity's sake, I'm splitting this up into two options: "PT in quartz", which means that the stone is larger, but primarily quartz, and "pink tourmaline", which may or may not have some quartz on it.

These are smaller stones. Each option will have roughly the same amount of pink tourmaline within it. None of these are gem quality but they range in color from very light pink to very deep fuchsia, some with good clarity.

I also have a small number of the quartz variety that displays a much darker color to the quartz matrix. This may be due to the inclusion of some smaller black tourmaline crystals within the matrix. This is also a very interesting energetic material. This is the variety that I'm calling "PT in dark quartz". All are intuitively chosen.

The standalone crystals would be great for jewelry!

Pink tourmaline: up to 10g/50ct

PT in quartz: up to 30g

PT in dark quartz: up to 20g