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Incredible purple fluorite | natural cubic fluorite crystal

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Incredible dark purple fluorite specimens from Mina El Tule, Melchor Muzquiz, Mexico.

These fluorite crystals have incredible cubic crystal habit and are untreated and unpolished. Very little matrix on these specimens - it is all fluorite!

Purple fluorite is strongly connected to the third eye chakra and tapping into inner intuition. Fluorite's cubic crystal habit means that it helps you bring order to chaos, confusion to understanding.

Keep fluorite on your desk at work to improve your clarity of thought and improve your performance at work.

Purple fluorite is a great wealth area attractor as well, with its association in Feng Shui with the wealth area. Keep a large purple fluorite crystal in your wealth area to help bring clarity to your money situation and bring more money into your life.

Weights of individual specimens:

F1 - 657g
F2 - 591g
F3 - 460g
F4 - 405g
F5 - 324g
F6 - 274g