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Concrete + Crystals

Star Mica crystal

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Star Mica crystal - 2"-3" in diameter, 30-45g. Star mica, or star muscovite, evokes the twinkling stars in the evening sky, and were highly prized by the ancient Celts. It is an excellent crystal for connection with Spirit or Source, and vibrates with the upper chakras as well as the solar plexus. As a golden crystal, it can be used for abundance and luck, similar to citrine and pyrite.

Mica is a very soft mineral and as such star mica should not be cleansed with water. Use smoke, sound, or moonlight cleansing methods with all micas and other soft minerals! That said, these are very sturdy for what they are, though there may be some small amounts of mica that flake off and leave a glittery, non-toxic substance behind. That is the crystal blessing your space!