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Concrete + Crystals

Uruguay Grape Jelly Amethyst

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Incredible high-quality Uruguayan Grape Jelly amethyst - back by popular demand!

These sold out quickly last time around so get yours while you can!

Uruguay is known for producing the darkest purple amethyst in the world. These specimens are no exception and every single one has incredible dark color and clarity. A few of them are even pineal formations (where the crystals are on the outside of a round form rather than on the inside) - usually this is much more expensive but I was able to get these at a fantastic price and am passing that on to you.

Weights and notes on each item:

UA6 - 230g

UA7 - 156g

UA9 - 121g

UA10- 109g

UA11 - 86g - pineal formation, **

UA12 - 57g

 ** UA11 has some interesting secondary crystal formation - I don't have a high powered magnifier to identify it, but it is similar in appearance to some red beryl on calcite I've seen secondary/tertiary to amethyst. Very unique and cool!